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With the colours you can also go subtle, go bold, go with the season and flowers can really compliment your theme and they can also be bold and punchy. Ask your florist also if they can do the flowers for your ceremony room and also the tables and reception venue. Also ask if they have the vases, table centre pieces or if you need to provide those. They can also sometimes provide your cake maker with flowers for the cake and also be able to add to table plans with floral designs and also flowers for hair designs. Use their knowledge, ask to see their previous designs to help give you inspiration, let them know your theme and colours and if possible have fabric swatches that you can give to them. I have a Pinterest page as well which has loads and loads of flower options on so be sure to check that out. You can find the link on the website. Enjoy having a look through :) 

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Wedding Cake :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/wedding-cake Now we all (well most of us!!) love cake and whether you go big or go small a decent cake maker will be able to discuss your ideas, come up with a design and be able to put it all together for you so that it not only looks good but it tastes good too! You can have icing, frosting, go naked, semi naked and everything in between! Flavours are another big thing. Do you want fruit or plain or do you want something different?? or how about different flavoured layers??!! So much choice! Ask if they have samples for you to try so that you can make sure that it is delicious and also ask if they do any extras as sometimes they can also do your favours for you as well. Here are some from my weddings to give you some ideas! :) Oh and if you don't like cake, how about either cheese or pork pie or both! or donuts! Again wherever your imagination goes! I also have a fab collection on my Pinterest page for you :) 

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Wedding Hair & Make up :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/wedding-hair-make-up I can not recommend enough having someone to come in and do your hair and make up. Firstly, its so nice to be pampered and looked after and made to feel so special on your big day. Secondly, you will have the confidence that your make up and hair will be perfect and that it will last all day and all night! They are also great at keeping everything to time and helping you not to run late on the day, and it saves you having to have extra stress on the morning. Ask if you can have a trail beforehand and that way you can be 100% confident in how you will look on the day and it also gives you plenty of time to make any changes. They are also super helpful at pointing you in the right direction. Sometimes what you want and what looks best are not the same thing and they will and should give you the best advice. Here are some photos from weddings I have done so you can get some ideas and inspiration for your big day :) 

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Wedding Food & Drink :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/wedding-food-drink Wedding food and drink is a really important decision for your big day. My best advice that I can give you is to choose whatever makes you happy and choose what you would like to eat and drink. There are so many choices out there and there are also some amazing caterers that will help and guide you through the decisions. One thing to ask is if they do a tasting event. This is a great way to make sure you have chosen wisely. Another great idea is to go and see them at wedding fairs. Most of the time they will have samples for you to try. Another good idea is to create a menu for the day from the canapés to the main course and the pudding. Sometimes people opt to have their cake as the pudding or even hire out an ice cream van for the pudding option. You really can go as far as your imagination takes you! Don't forget to ask your guests if they have any allergies or if they are vegetarian. That way you can be prepared and so can the caterers. 

Drinks are also a big part of the day from how much you want to offer and to what you want to offer. Again the choice is vast and depending upon your venue you may even be able to choose your own special wedding day cocktail! Ask your venue for their options and if you can bring in your own drinks or if you have to use their supplier. Lots to think about but here are some ideas! :) 

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Wedding Shoes :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/wedding-shoes I do love a pair of shoes! Especially wedding shoes! I love turning up to see the bride and seeing for the first time the dress they have chosen, the accessories and the shoes! I have so many lovely photos and hopefully this post will inspire you and give you some ideas for when you do your shoe shopping! Oh and why stop at just one pair!! Have a day pair and an evening pair, its definitely the way to go to give maximum dancing potential!! :) 

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Wedding Cars :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/wedding-cars Wedding cars and transport can be a huge decision in you wedding planning. Depending upon where you are getting married and where the reception venue is can also play a part in this decision as well as if you need to provide any transport for your guests. The good news is that there is lots of choice and the great news is that if you want something unique then again there are lots of options! I have always been a VW fan and we had one for our wedding and a bus for the guests which was great as no-one had to worry about driving and everyone could enjoy a drink! Here are some of the cars and buses I have had photographed on my weddings :) 

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Bordesley Park, Wedding Photography, Part 4 :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/bordesley-park-wedding-photography-part-4 Bordesley Park ..... Part 4


I finished the year with the gorgeous wedding of Sian and Nick. Sian is Clair's Sister (Bella Lily Flowers) so naturally she had the most beautiful bouquet and flower arrangements. We all went wow when we saw Sian's bouquet!! Sian had her make up done at home by the lovely Ruth (makeupbyruth) and she looked beautiful. Everyone then went over to Bordesley to finish getting ready in the Bridal Suite. We had so much fun and Sian's dress was so pretty and unique, absolutely perfect. Nick's suit was also great as were the bridesmaid dresses and the colours all went together so well. The marquee looked amazing with lovely copper tones and I loved the little touches like Milk Tray Chocolates and pork scratchings!! The pimp my prosecco bar went down really well and although the weather was less than perfect, everyone was amazing and we grabbed the brollies and just went for it! Canapés and the food were as yummy as ever from Rustic Roast and the lovely Kev from Music Wedding Videos did them a lovely video of the ceremony. It was such a fun and emotional day, full of love, family and friends. It was also great to see one of my previous couples, Caroline & Scott. Everyone had the best day and we ended it with sparklers and dancing! It really was a perfect celebration. 

Lucy & Matt had a beautiful wedding at Bordesley Park in August. Lucy got ready with her bridesmaids and friends up in the Bridal Suite and her dress and shoes were amazing!! She had stunning flowers from Flair with Flowers and an amazing lego wedding cake from Gail at Gail's Wedding Cakes. The marquee looked really pretty and I also loved the colour of the bridesmaid dresses. We had so much fun doing the photos and a sneaky little jump on the trampoline!! It was such a lovely day and their little boy Freddie was a superstar!! Here are some of their images 

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Bordesley Park, Wedding Photography Part 3 :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/bordesley-park-wedding-photography-part-3 Bordesley Park ..... Part 3


Sophie & Dan had a gorgeous August wedding at Bordesley. The weather was perfect which was amazing as we had had a really rainy week! Sophie got ready over at the Abbey Hotel with all of her bridesmaids and her lovely mom. Her dress was beautiful and she chose a stunning tangerine colour for the bridesmaids which really popped. The buttonholes had little lego men on which was fantastic and there was a great 'Friends' theme which ran throughout the decorations. Sophie & Dan were great sports and Sophies new orange wellies came into play when we went over to the field to do some extra photos! We had so much fun and the day was also captured by the lovely Kev from Music Wedding Videos. Amazing food from both Celebration Caterers and Rustic Roast and a gorgeous three tiered french fancy wedding cake. Fab cocktails and yummy ice cream from Something Borrowed. We also had a beautiful sunset and a really fun game of Mr & Mrs!!! Absolutely loved it all and it was great to have Sarah Button along for the ride as my second shooter! Great day :) 


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Bordesley Park Wedding Photography .... Part 2 :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/bordesley-park-wedding-photography-part-2 Bordesley Park ...... Part 2

Laura & Andy had a beautiful July wedding at Bordesley. It was an amazing day with loads of lovely details and so much lovely colour! Beautiful flowers from Clair at Bella Lily and another stunning cake from Gail at Gails Cake Pantry. The marquee looked stunning and we had a guest appearance from Charlie's new puppy and also the resident doggie! Andy had his own cider which I think everyone enjoyed!! and I loved that the tables were all named after apples! Laura got ready in the lovely Bridal Suite and her dress was stunning. I loved the vibrant bridesmaid dresses against the sunflowers. The food was yummy from Celebration Caterers and we just had so much fun all day long! They also had a lovely wedding video from Blooming Lovely Wedding Films. 

Kathryn & Pete had a beautiful June wedding and Kathryn decided to get ready over the road at the Abbey Hotel and then to finish off getting dressed in the Bridal Suite. This wedding was jam packed full of colour and beautiful details, teacups, rubber ducks! and a stunning cake. Flowers were done by Clair at Bella Lily, amazing food by Rustic Roast, Make up by the lovely Kay Louise and hair by Chapters Hair who are also amazing! We had some rain but we got out the brollies and we had fun! And guess what, we had that special rainbow too! Oh and there were space hoppers! How fab is that!!! It was a great day with a lovely family, perfect! 

Ellie & Kelvin had a beautiful reception at Bordesley in August. They had a lovely church service beforehand and then we headed on over to Bordesley. We had a beautiful sunny day with ice cream served by Mortons Vintage Hire and entertainment from the fabulous magician Gavin Parsons. All of the beautiful flowers were done by Clair at Bella Lily flowers and the yummy food by Celebration Caterers. Amazing music in the evening by The Groove Monkeys, as always :) It was such a great day and loads of fun! 

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Bordesley Park Wedding Photography :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/bordesley-park-wedding-photography Bordesley Park is one of my favourites! I absolutely love it here and have had the privilege of photographing over a dozen weddings and have many more lovely couples booked in, which is fab!! First of all the owners and Charlie are amazing. They are so lovely and put everything into making sure each day is special and that everything goes to plan! The venue itself is stunning and a photographers dream.

The lovely new Bridal suite is a fab area to get ready in with plenty of space, lots of light (a make up artists and photographers dream conditions!!) and so many of my brides have loved to hear the buzz downstairs when everyone is arriving for the ceremony! The Tudor Barn is a beautiful ceremony room with lovely neutral colours, lush wooden floors and a countryside view that is so pretty. You will be sure to have so many lovely ceremony photos and the registrars that come here are so lovely and I feel like I know them all quite well which is great!

After the ceremony, guests are escorted onto the beautiful lawn for drinks and canapés. You really can make it whatever you want. Garden games, bouncy castles, musicians, ice cream, magicians, you can go as far as your imagination lets you! Once again the views are phenomenal and wherever you turn it is just pure countryside. Couples can rest assured that they will have so many beautiful couple shots as the venue has so many little nooks and crannies and for the more adventurous you can always take a stroll over to the field, a good excuse to buy some wedding wellies!!!

Then there is the marquee which is amazing. A space to seat all your guests and still have room to enjoy the setting. It is a blank canvas where you can do as much or as little as you want to put your own stamp on your wedding. I have seen the marquee in all sorts of colours, with all sorts of decorations and layouts, it really is great. There is the cocktail bar (which I love!!) and you can choose your own wedding day specials! There are on site loo's and all the essentials so you don't have to worry about anything. And then there is the food!! The catering selection is amazing and having been so lucky to sample quite a few different meals! I am happy to report that the food is amazing! All of the suppliers at this venue are so lovely and everyone works so well together, another reason why I love it and feel so welcome every time I go there.

Then there is the added bonus of the sunsets and rainbows! If you are luck enough to have a glorious sunny day then I will always look out for the sunset so that we can capture those beautiful shots and if you do have some rain then you almost always have a rainbow (I have had two there already!) Charlie also has a fab list of music suppliers for the evening do and we have also had a few sparkler photos just before the first dance which is quite nice! Oh and don't forget the trampoline!! So whose weddings have I had here! Lets have a look!!


Nic & Adam were the first couple to kick off 2017 and what a day we had! We had loads of fun, the weather was amazing, all of the beautiful springtime flowers looked so pretty and the details were amazing! Gorgeous flowers from Clare at Bella Lily, stunning naked cake from Gail at Gails Cake Pantry, amazing food from Rustic Roast, beautiful videography from Rob at Fuzz Films and such pretty make up from Clair Bache. Nic's dress was so beautiful, we had fun on the trampoline, had so much fun doing all the photos, amazing speeches and great dancing! Such a perfect day, I loved every second! 

Jackie & Ant's Wedding was amazing! Charlie is their daughter so it was a real honour to be asked to be their photographer! Jackie got ready in the Bridal Suite and her dress was gorgeous! We had so much fun and it was such a perfect day! Jackie's son wore his uniform and looked super smart, Clair from Bella Lily Flowers did all of the bouquets and table pieces which were stunning and there were so many details, it was great! Beautiful colours, lovely food, great speeches, so much love in their family and fun with sparklers!! What more could you ask for!! 

Sharon & Carl had a beautiful reception here. They had a local church ceremony and then we all went back to Bordesley for photos and their reception. We had so much fun all day and the weather stayed lovely for them. Their decorations were very elegant with silvers and blacks. It was a super day filled with all of their lovely family and friends. Gail from Gails Cake Pantry did their cake which was a stunning 5 tier silver and white cake full of sparkles! 

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Laura & Graham, Derbyshire Wedding Photography :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/laura-graham-derbyshire-wedding-photography Laura & Graham had a beautiful wedding over in the Peak District in a stunning little village. They hired a cottage to stay in for the week and then also hired the Memorial Hall for their reception venue. In the morning Laura had a great time getting ready with all the girls and her family and I met up with the lads at the local pub The Sycamore Inn before the ceremony. The details were amazing!! Laura had done loads of the decorations and everything looked beautiful. Tabby and Simon at Mode For Events were also amazing and made sure that everything looked perfect, the flowers were gorgeous, the food was delicious and we all had the best day! We had loads of fun doing their photos and had a lovely walk around the village getting lots of lovely couple photos. The sun was out and they had the most perfect day! It was also so lovely to see one of my previous couples where Laura was a bridesmaid. So nice to see people and catch up! Here are some images from their special day :) 

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Sarah & Jonathan, Kegworth House & Amalfi White Wedding Photography :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/sarah-jonathan-kegworth-house-amalfi-white-wedding-photography Sarah & Jonathan had two beautiful venues for their special day. Sarah and her bridesmaids got ready at the gorgeous Kegworth House B&B over in Derbyshire where the rooms and the gardens were stunning! We had great fun in the morning and it was fab to be able to use the lounge area to get some amazing detail shots. We had some fun in the garden before then heading over to the stunning Amalfi White in Melbourne. The ceremony room here was amazing, it had such a wow factor and was so elegant. The outside space was also lovely and we managed to get some decent weather and had loads of fun doing the photos! The food was amazing and everyone was having so much fun! A really great day! Here are some images from their special day :) 

oliviaphotography@mail.com (Olivia Photography) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/sarah-jonathan-kegworth-house-amalfi-white-wedding-photography Tue, 09 Jan 2018 14:31:33 GMT
Hayley & Luke, The Limes Country Lodge Hotel Wedding Photographer :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/hayley-luke-the-limes-country-lodge-hotel-wedding-photographer Hayley & Luke got married at The Limes and it was my first time to this lovely venue. We had a beautiful day filled with sunshine and I think the most bridesmaids I have ever had at a wedding!!!! The morning was so much fun and the ceremony was gorgeous! Set in the gardens, in the sun with beautiful decorations, I am so pleased that they managed to have the outdoor ceremony they had been dreaming of! It was also lovely to see another of my previous couples and their lovely family. The food was lovely, the atmosphere relaxed and the speeches were fab! The father of the bride speech was the best!! It really was a beautiful day and here are some of their images :) 

oliviaphotography@mail.com (Olivia Photography) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/hayley-luke-the-limes-country-lodge-hotel-wedding-photographer Tue, 09 Jan 2018 14:14:31 GMT
Emma & Chris, Tipi Wedding Photography :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/emma-chris-tipi-wedding-photography Emma & Chris had an amazing wedding over in Biscathorpe. They hired a stunning cottage and then arranged for a beautiful tipi in the grounds. The tipi was fab and had serious wow factor! Emma had done so much of the decorating and details by herself and with her lovely family and everything looked perfect. Emma's dress was stunning and she had a great morning with the girlies getting ready and having hair and make up done. The ceremony was at a local church and was also beautiful. We then headed back to the tipi for drinks, fun, amazing food, ice cream, a fab flamingo cake and a surprise motorbike! We had loads of fun doing the photos and managed to get some of the local cows in a couple and also caught the beautiful sunset and a few photos with their gorgeous doggie! The flowers were also so beautiful and added so much lovely colour to the day. I loved it all! Here are some images from their special day :) 

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Grace & Craig, Westmead Wedding Photography :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/grace-craig-westmead-wedding-photography Grace & Craig got married at the Westmead Hotel in Redditch. Grace loves Disney and had a pair of amazing Disney wedding shoes and her bouquet was also Disney themed! It was such a lovely, family day and Clare from Clare's Weddings did an amazing job of the decorations and the bridesmaids bouquets. The wedding cake also had a his and hers approach which was really fun! Here are some images from their special day :) 

oliviaphotography@mail.com (Olivia Photography) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/grace-craig-westmead-wedding-photography Tue, 09 Jan 2018 13:13:46 GMT
Katy & Paul, Gorcott Hall Wedding Photography :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/katy-paul-gorcott-hall-wedding-photography Katy & Paul got married at the beautiful Gorcott Hall in Redditch. As mentioned before, I love this venue for so many reasons! Katy got ready at the venue in the beautiful rooms that have recently been added on. So much lovely space to get ready and have fun with the girls!! Their ceremony was lovely and they then had lovely drinks out in the gardens and on the terrace. I loved the garden games of splat the rat and the coconut stand, that was so much fun!! We managed to dodge the rain and have fun with all the photos and they really did have an amazing day. Here are some images from their special day :) 

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Clare & Stuart, Wootton Park Wedding Photography :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/clare-stuart-wootton-park-wedding-photography Clare & Stuart got married at Wootton Park, which was a new venue for me and I loved it!! The rooms there are all beautiful and the gardens and lake area are so stunning. It was a November and they were my last wedding before signing off on maternity leave! So as I was about 30 weeks pregnant by this point, I had the lovely John Colson come along with me to the wedding to be my second photographer and help out on the day, just in case! I met Clare in the morning and was with her while she was getting ready and John went off to the pub to meet the lads! Then at Wootton Park, they had a beautiful ceremony and because of the fading light, we then had a dash around the venue before the sky went dark! We did manage to get an awesome sunset shot which was perfect! The speeches were super, food was great and then the party started! Such a great day and here are some of their images :) 

oliviaphotography@mail.com (Olivia Photography) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/clare-stuart-wootton-park-wedding-photography Mon, 08 Jan 2018 19:19:13 GMT
Amy & Rob, Arundel Wedding Photography :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/amy-rob-arundel-wedding-photography Amy & Rob got married in the beautiful town of Arundel in Sussex. I absolutely love it here, with all the cobbled streets, the boutique shops, the castle and so much more! I met Amy & Rob through Amy's brother who is a very good friend of mine, so it was so lovely to be a part of their day and to capture this for them. Amy got ready at the gorgeous Bailiffscourt Hotel which is an absolute gem with the most amazing rooms and gardens. I then hitched a ride in a convertible Beetle (my dream!!!!) with Amy's mom and bridesmaid to the town hall where the ceremony was taking place. The town hall is such a pretty building and the ceremony room was breathtaking. After the ceremony there were drinks on the terrace in the beautiful sunshine and then myself, Amy and Rob took to the streets to capture as many lovely photos as possible in this beautiful town. I absolutely loved their day and we had so much fun, it was perfect! Here are some images from their special day! :) 

oliviaphotography@mail.com (Olivia Photography) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/amy-rob-arundel-wedding-photography Mon, 08 Jan 2018 17:58:25 GMT
Becky & Adam, Hogarths Wedding Photography :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/becky-adam-hogarths-wedding-photography Becky & Adam chose the beautiful Hogarths over at Solihull for their lovely wedding. Hogarth is another lovely venue with gorgeous rooms for the ceremony and dining as well as beautiful gardens and a cute little bridge at the bottom. The food is always fantastic here as well and there are so many options for photos, which is great for me! Becky got ready at Hogarths in a stunning suite and they had such a fab cake with so many lovely touches. It was such a fun day and lovely to see one of my couples from a couple of years previous, I do love it when you receive lovely recommendations and then get to see people again! Really lovely day with these guys who were super amazing, even in the freezing cold weather. Here are some images from their special day :) 


oliviaphotography@mail.com (Olivia Photography) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/becky-adam-hogarths-wedding-photography Mon, 08 Jan 2018 17:36:44 GMT
Lucy & Dave, Malvern College & Avoncroft Wedding Photography :) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/lucy-dave-malvern-college-avoncroft-wedding-photography Lucy & Dave had a stunning ceremony at Malvern College. It was my first time here and the building is gorgeous! The ceremony room was huge and very pretty and the grounds outside were amazing. After their ceremony they had some drinks at the college and then we all headed over to Avoncroft, another one of my favourites!, for their reception. Such a great day and very relaxed with only a few formal photos. Really beautiful details and flowers and we managed to dodge the rain and go around the venue to get some lovely family shots with their beautiful daughter! Avon croft is such a stunning place and all of the old buildings, the old church and the windmill are all so unique and mean you can get some really different photos. I love it!! Oh and check out Lucy's dress, absolutely amazing! Here are some of their images from their day :) 


oliviaphotography@mail.com (Olivia Photography) http://www.oliviaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/lucy-dave-malvern-college-avoncroft-wedding-photography Mon, 08 Jan 2018 17:25:17 GMT