I am going to be an Aspirette!!!

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O.M.G!!! I have had the best news ever!!

​I recently entered a competition with the amazing Aspire Photography Training team to win a place on their Bespoke Course. This is a 12 month program which covers everything photography related and business related. I have done a couple of day courses with Aspire and am a regular attendee of their webinars, which I love! And I have found out that I am the winner!!!!! I can't even put into words how excited, happy, amazed, and over the moon I am and I can't wait to get started next month! 

To enter, I had to write a little bio about me and another piece as to how Bespoke would affect my business and submit this will three photos that reflected the theme - Do what you Love. So, off I went to the Photography Show at the NEC to see the Aspire team. The Photography Show was amazing, packed full of lovely exhibitors, lots of lovely new products, amazing speakers and so much new gear and equipment! Oh and photography bags!! :) I had had the idea to make my folder which would carry my work and had bought some beautiful fabric which my lovely mom then turned into a gorgeous folder. So, there I was, super nervous and excited to hand this in. I went over and met Diane (who I had talked to on email loads of times!!) and she was so lovely and we chatted about the webinars, Bespoke, and all sorts! It was so lovely to meet her properly and I felt so excited to have handed it all in! Later in the day I popped back to the stand to buy a new notebook and year planner from Aspire, I am a sucker for a notebook! and I then met Jenny and had a lovely chat with her about our Labs!! and all the other lovely courses to look at. I then also saw Catherine who gave me a lovely big hug and we were all saying how nice it is to see each other in person after all these online courses, you really feel like you know everyone, which is so nice! After another good mooch about the show I went home, proud and pleased knowing that I had entered, and had my fingers and everything else crossed for the results! 

The Bespoke Course has been a dream of mine for sometime so to have this opportunity to train and learn with these amazing, creative and inspiring people is so fantastic! I love my weddings (I think you all know that!!) and have been building my business up over the last four or so years. I know this course will give me so much business knowledge as well as new ideas for wedding photography and products that will carry this aspect of my business to the next level. I have also wanted to set up a lifestyle portrait section to my business and also expand into commercial work and dog photography (especially since having Lucy!!) and I know again that these amazing people will empower me with the knowledge and confidence to get everything set up and running.

I had a phone call on Tuesday from Jenny and at the time I was walking Lucy across the fields (to get to the pub on the canal!) near to where we live. At first I thought that Jenny was calling to talk about the Photographing Dogs course I had been interested in. So, I called her back from the pub garden and then was just so amazed when she told me I had won! I think I must have said OMG about a million times and had to really hold in the urge to scream or woop (I did this later when I was not in public!! haha!!). Since then it has been a roller coaster and I am super excited to be on it! 

​I can't wait to go up to Cumbria next month and meet the rest of the Bespoke group and everyone at Aspire and really get stuck in to this amazing course. Now all I need to do is get some nice, shiny new stationary and notepads (told you!) and I will be ready to go and start this new journey. I really can't thank everyone at Aspire enough, no words will ever do and I know this is going to be a life changing and career changing opportunity that I am ready to run with and enjoy every single second of! So Thank You for making my dreams come true! 

I will keep you all posted!! Love Mel xx

Here are my images that I sent off, hope you love them as much as I do!



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