Rainy Day Weddings :)

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The British weather can be at times just a little bit unpredictable! At best!! And as brides we all check the weather forecast leading up to our special day. I know I did, about 10 times a day for the whole week leading up to it!! We were due to have an outdoor ceremony at the beautiful Larmer Tree Gardens. We had decided on which part of the gardens to use, the seating layout and everything else. On the morning of our wedding the weather was lovely, it was the middle of August!!, and everyone was in their lovely summer outfits!


We got into our beautiful campervan and left the cottage to head over to the venue, still okay, dry but a little cloudy but hey I can cope with clouds!! We arrived and waited for the registrars in a little hut round the corner, and then it happened!! All of our guests were sitting on the lovely chairs, with brollies, getting just a little bit wet!! It was 11.50am and then the heavens opened! Everyone had to make a dash for the building just to take some cover and myself, our wedding planner and the registrars just all looked at each other! Our wedding planner, Gail, knew how much we had wanted an outdoor ceremony but we also loved the pavilion, so at the very last minute everyone made a mad dash, set up the pavilion and got everyone seated.


By the time I walked round to the pavilion with my dad and Olivia, guess what, the rain was stopping! I remember walking down the path and seeing the pavilion and everyone looking out through the doors and it just blew me away. Then when I walked up the steps and saw Mark, well, that’s when I was really blown away! The ceremony was perfect, magical and everything we had dreamed and more! When we made it outside the sun was shining, and everything else went to plan perfectly. We had another couple of light showers but by then no one cared! Guests were still playing badminton on the lawn and the kids were still having fun on the space hoppers!


We have some amazing photos from when it poured down, thanks to our amazing photographer Carla! Our guests love to talk about the rain and how everyone got wet but had so much fun with it! Its something we will talk about for years and years! Our rainy photos are in our wedding album and really set the scene and tell our story. I wouldn’t have changed it for the world!


Now, as a wedding photographer, I am always discussing rainy day plans with my couples. But, you know what. If you guys are up for getting out the brollies, putting on the wellies and having some fun then so am I! Your day is your day, nothing you can do will change the weather, and the best thing to do is to roll with it and make it not only memorable but fun also. So, here are some rainy day photos from our wedding just to show you how awesome it really can be!


Dont forget to share your rainy day stories and tips too :)


Happy planning!

Love Mel xx





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